Episode 14: Todd Mulchahy, Part 2

Dear Todd,
I keep thinking how happy I am that I met you. You ask me smart questions, things no one's ever asked me before -- including me. I guess I could be an artist if I wanted to, but that would probably mean my dad would never talk to me again. :-)



I know one day when I grow up, I'll have to make a decision if I'm going to be an artist or a doctor. I'm just happy that day isn't today.

From: Felicity

  • Felicity feels responsible for Todd's accident.
  • Felicity doubts her decision of choosing pre-med over art.
  • Ben starts his new job at Dean & Deluca.
  • Julie finds out the woman she thought was her mother really isn't.
  • Felicity grants Todd's wish for a kiss.
  • Todd reunites with his fiancee and goes home.
  • Elena and Felicity get accepted for a prestigious pre-med seminar.

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