Episode 19: Docuventary

"The best part about college has to be the friends that you make. Your first day, you feel like you're never going to meet anyone. And then all of a sudden, months have gone by, and you have all these amazing friends. And you're sitting in front of this weird guy, making a documentary about them."
- Julie



"When I first got here, I was all certain who I'd be, who I wouldn't be. You know, I had made all these rules for myself. Don't let them see you didn't come from money. Don't let them see how scared you are. Don't let them pity you. But once I realized that everybody was just as terrified as I was, I loosened up." - Elena

"I think they're good together. They seem to have some kind of destined chemistry, you know what I mean? Noel's always stressed out about her, or something. So I figure he really likes her. And I kind of get the impression that she really likes him, too." - Guy on Noel and Felicity


  • Sean makes a docuventary about college life.
  • Noel decides to stay at Kelvin Hall.
  • Ben needs money to pay for school.
  • Felicity misses a pre-med seminar and gets punished by McGrath.
  • Noel visits a hypnotist.
  • Ben & Lynn fight over a gambling loss.
  • Felicity and Noel try to mend their relationship.

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