Episode 21: The Force

"When I got home, I looked at the picture that Meghan taped together. The one she used for that love spell. I didn't notice it before -- but when Meghan taped it back together, she did it wrong. It used to be that I was standing next to Noel, but now… you don't believe in magic, do you?"
  • Felicity has finals exams approaching.



  • Meghan casts various spells on Felicity, making her clumsy and forgetful.
  • Danny struggles in his new position as assistant manager.
  • Ben, Julie, Felicity and Noel decide to take a road-trip back to California.
  • Ben tries to ward off Nicole's advances.
  • Elena and Dr. McGrath go on a date.
  • Guy and Noel wait in line for the premiere showing of "Star Wars".   
  • Ben breaks up with Julie.
  • Meghan's love spell doesn't seem to work.
  • Felicity and Ben experience an "almost kiss" moment.

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