Episode 22: Felicity Was Here

"Although itís true, it seems impossible. Nine months ago, I didnít even know you. Now I can say with absolute certainty that thereís no one on the planet who means more to me than you. Whatever happens to you and Ben, and whatever happens with you and anyone, it could never change the way I feel.Ē    - Noel



"I was driving trying to think of some great reason to come back. Something else to say to try to convince you. See, I just know if you were me, youíd have some great reason. Some big speech with all this meaning. But I donít have that -- all I have is that I like you." - Ben
  • Felicity and Ben try to sort out their feelings.
  • Julie moves her belongings from Ben's loft.
  • Elena and Dr. McGrath spend the night together.
  • Noel buys Felicity a planet ticket to Berlin.
  • Ben and Felicity turn their "almost-kiss" into a real one.
  • Julie overhears Felicity and Ben's conversation.
  • Julie tells Noel about Felicity and Ben.
  • Felicity faces the ultimate choice: Ben or Noel?

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