Episode 4: Boggled

"Because you were right, what you said. That being out with you like that wasn't fair to her. And I wanted you to know... that even though it didn't look like it, I do respect Hanna. I love Hanna. I kissed you for a million reasons, but one of them is that I miss my girlfriend. And for that I'm really, really sorry." - Noel
  • Noel kisses Felicity during a game of Boggle.




  • Julie tells Ben that she doesn't want to date him.
  • Ben comes in last at the track team tryout.
  • Julie starts hanging out with Zack.
  • Noel asks Felicity out for dinner.
  • Noel tells Felicity that he has a girlfriend named Hanna.
  • Felicity storms out of the restaurant.
  • Noel explains the Hanna situation to Felicity.

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