Episode 5: Spooked

Ben: You know what? Not everybody's like you, all right? Crazy-sensitive and always judging everybody.

Felicity: I don't always judge everybody. I always judge you.





Ben: Well, I can't live up to that, all right? I'm a guy in college. If I want to make out with a Power Ranger... I can do that. I mean, not everything has big meaning, okay? I mean, yes, we had a nice moment, but so what? It doesn't mean anything.
  • Felicity and Ben are robbed at Ben's apartment.
  • Ben starts calling Felicity at 2 a.m. and visiting her.
  • Julie panics at the Halloween party when Zack tries to kiss her.
  • Ben makes out with a pink Power Ranger.
  • Felicity tells Ben off and throws up in Noel's lap.
  • Ben visits Felicity at Dean & Deluca.
  • Julie kisses Zack.
  • Noel finds Elena with the Tin Man in her room.

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