Episode 6: Cheating

Ben: Why'd you do it? I mean, when you read my paper, how bad was it?

Felicity: It wasn't bad. But -- I'm a geek. I'm a teacher's pet. You had a million friends in high school, and you were amazing at sports...





... but I had one thing, my classes. I knew how to take tests and write papers. I never should have assumed you needed help when you really didn't. The last thing I ever wanted to do was to make you feel anything less than amazing.
  • Felicity rewrites Ben's English essay without his knowledge.
  • Ben is accused of plagiarism.
  • Elena tries to avoid the Tin Man.
  • Julie watches a five-hour movie to impress Zack.
  • Ben pretends that he wrote the paper.
  • Felicity confesses that she wrote the paper.
  • Ben is insulted by Felicity's actions.
  • Ben and Felicity both receive an "F" on the assignment.

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