Here are some idea's from Sean's idea book:



Some of Sean's ideas...

  • the UFO story 900 number

  • the mini quick carwash

  • marzipan candy boxer figurines

  • The "Quarter Master" board game

  • disposable camera vending machines

  • selling fruit to students during finals

  • "Lact-O's"milkless cereal (just add water)

  • seducing prospective dates with dayplanners

  • head compressor for relieving headaches

  • creating a "docuventary" about college life

  • the freshman packet: contains Aspirin, maps, pepper spray, condoms, energy bars, and No-Doze

  • a brand new condiment called "smoothaise" (actually a spicy version of Thousand Island dressing)

  • Tofurkey: tofu turkey (well, not really his invention)

  • keyboard for people with one hand

  • shreme: sugar and cream in one!

  • a marshmallow rotisserie for roasting lots of marshmallows

  • rubber bands: condoms that play "happy birthday" or the wedding song when the package is opened

  • screwless chair: a chair that can be assembled without the use of any screws [sean's dad's idea]
  • flavored pen caps: pen caps in different flavors like cherry for people who like to bite on their pens
  • shrimp restaurant; perhaps serving shrimp yoghurt?
  • lucite overhead reading table: so you can read while lying down
  • a restaurant called "Before and After" that only serves appetizers and deserts [mmm!]
  • a combination sleep mask/alarm clock -- your face "buzzes" when it's time to wake up, without disturbing anyone else!
  • the sock-shirt: a Meghan-inspired shirt that has a tube sock as a sleeve.
  • SMEGAN - Sean and Meghan's clothing/accessory company.
  • shoe jackets: leather covers for your shoes that you can wear over your comfortable sneakers.

  • music-playing condom party favors

  • bagel knots, little pieces of bagels injected with cream cheese


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