I have compiled many of the comments visitors of A Felicity Page have left regarding the show. It amazes me that every week I receive e-mail and notes from people all over the world praising "Felicity". 



"I absolutely love Felicity. I watch it religiously!"
- Kelly from United States

"Felicity is the only TV show that I watch. I started watching it when it first came out on the WB. I think that Ben and Felicity need to get hooked up because they both like each other. Ben knows that he is ready and I'm hoping they will end up getting together in the future episodes."
- Erika from United States

"I really like this program Felicity. It is shown every Thursday here and it makes me look forward to everyweek. I make a point that Thursday I won't have to render overtime at the office. I remember my college days. Really, it's a very cute story and i'm in love."
- Theo from Philippines

"Felicity is my favourite TV show. It reminds me so much of when I was at University. The characters are believable and the story line is always interesting. I hope the show comtinues for a long time."
- Danielle from Australia

"I´m from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and im a great fan of Felicty´s programme, not only for her, although is a great actress and all the cast too...is about the way she acts, she thinks, she feels....is my therapist!"
- Paula from Argentina

"I am a huge fan of the show and Keri Russel herself. I have alot of similarities with not just Keri, but Felicity as well. I like to watch how she handles situations that are so similar to mine. I think she is an awesome role-model."
- Jennifer from United States

"Felicity is probably my favorite show on TV! I love it! I just graduated from college a couple of years ago, but it makes me feel like I was still there!"
- Lori from United States

"Best show ever to be on television!"
- Kelly from Canada

"Felicity is one of the only shows that I actually watch on TV. That is how good it is."
- Jeremiah from United States

"First of all, I want to congratulate the whole staff of Felicity. It is a very "down to earth" show. It exposes the problems, confusions, etc. that a college student has to go throuth. Keep up the good work, but most of all, through your show, keep giving good advices to adolescents."
- Mara Lynn from Honduras

"I love the WB for allowing me an hour of Felicity every week! I am completely addicted, as is my entire family and all of my pals. I have almost every episode on tape so when I have withdrawals, I can just resort to my VCR!" 
- Jaime from United States

"And like clockwork my roommate and I sacrifice the call of our respective beds to sit up and watch Felicity - mesmerized by the happenings of all the characters on the show - and we still can't decide whether we love Ben more than Noel or Noel more than Ben."
- Kaye from Australia

"There are many shows on television but none of them quite like Felicity. Felicity is a refreshing mix of realism, comedy and drama. There are not many shows these days that I am able to identify with, but Felicity is one of them. I too relocated to another city to attend college. I too felt lost and out of place. I was really able to identify with what Felicity was going through. I look forward to knowing that once a week I can have a refreshing laugh or cry (sometimes both in the same episode)."
- Bonnie from Brooklyn, NY

"It is the only show I watch on television. Now that it comes on Wednesdays, I come home early from work to watch it. It isn't some cheesy high school show. Felicity is tasteful, dealing with current issues students face while splashing in believable romance. I love it!!!"
- Jennifer from United States

"Felicity is such a real show, this show is really similar to a short-lived, yet beloved show called "My S0-Called Life". The characters are so astronomical and three-dimensional. It grasps the trials & tribulations of being in college, and well-just being so human. Its just so real!"
- Anonymous

"Felicity and "My so called life" are my favorite programs on TV. Angela Chase helped me through my adolescence and my high school years and now that I'm beginning to study "Felicity" has started just in time on TV here in
Austria. Sometimes I feel like watching myself when I watch Felicity and it helps me so much to make my own decisions and to find out who I really am. "
- Angie from Vienna, Austria

"Felicity is the only show that I have to watch every week. I really enjoy the story line and all the cast. The college years are the most exciting and unpredictable and this show illustrates that so well. It makes me laugh and it makes me cry! Keep up the great work."
- Melissa from Canada

"I am 75 years old, and I love Felicity.  I have been watching it since the beginning. I really like Noel, for Felicity.  He's smarter, and more faithful. Ben doesn't seem to know what to do with himself."
- Rosemary from Banning, Ca

"I am a 27 year old male that loves this show.  Having a lack of life experiences until moving away to college, I loved how this show let me have some of those experiences vicariously.  And although I know that it's actors on a screen, reading their lines, I will say that it continues to show me that I need to make my own experiences happen.  I think that is something we can all take away from this show.  Live your life.  Make mistakes.  Learn from those mistakes.  Be happy.  In addition, I know that the show touches a lot of people because I am never at a loss of friends to watch this with."
- Christian
from United States

"Felicity gave me great anticipation toward uni life, and helped me to stay positive about life's possibilities. Good on her for dropping pre-med for doing what she really loves, she is like the person I wish I am and I live vicariously through her.
Great show, so very real."
- Yan from New Zealand

It nearly killed me that they were considering axing Felicity, for a number of reasons.
1) I adore Scott Foley (Noel Crane).
2) the magnetics between Noel and Felicity are superb and I pray, beg, plead, that they finally get it together and she realises he's the One.
3) Ben's an absolute slob and it drives me mental to think the character Felicity would even consider being with him, but it just reminds us that we can't help who we fall in love with.
4) The show itself is expertly crafted, very well made, with hundreds of quality subtleties, and extremely intelligent gestures.
5) Javier = hilarity
6) Every character is fantastic, each actor brings something special to the role. The show is very well acted and produced.
Oh I could go on, but I wont, for sake of space. Suffice to say: fantastic show. I can't stop watching it.
- Jey

For me "Felicity" isn't just a TV-show. It's like watching my life all over again and giving it a meaning. I see myself in Felicity; I have said those words she is saying and I have been thinking those thoughts... A few years before the show started I actually moved across the country and decided where to study because of a guy. I started a new life in a big city, and I fell in love with it. I analysed everything the way Felicity does - and I still do. I have made all those mistakes and I have made the same choices... She has made me proud of the one that I am.
- Hélène from Sweden

Felicity is definitely my all-time favorite show! Wednesdays are always the days I look forward to most... I am sad to see it go, I've been a loyal fan since the beginning and the show has been such a comfort to me almost like family in a way. I just hope they decide to put all 4 seasons on dvd because
that is definitely something I'd buy! ~ Felicity Forever! ~
- Marissa, Washington

My best friend and I watch religiously every week and think it is the best show on TV. We are so sad that there are only a few episodes left!!! The show is amazing, the characters are amazing, everything about it is amazing... I will miss it so much!
- Dara from Philadelphia, PA

I will sorely miss the Felicity episodes that have been part of my life for these past 4 years. I am only hoping that some of the main characters (who were excellent in their roles) will be in other shows of merit on TV. There is so little to watch of interest these days but Felicity was one of the most intriguing. Farewell but not forgotten.
Kate in Washington

I've been watching Felicity ever since it first came out, and I'm a HUGE fan of Meghan. I actually used to record every single episode and rewatch the scenes with Meghan in it, sometimes memorizing the lines. Felicity is one of the rare occasions I actually watch TV, and I love it simply 'cos it always makes me feel happy afterward. I get so into the whole show, and I'm glad Meghan has developed a bigger role with each
Sharlene from Singapore

I don't know what it is..I think maybe it's that, at this age, it's kind of good to at least see someone or some people going through the same things I am at the same time. It's like someone it there with you going through what you are, and sometimes, they even show you a way out. Whatever it is, I love the show, and I will always love it.
- Abbey from Chicago, IL

Felicity is a masterpiece of a series, the finest on television, ever.

The stylistic artistry of Felicity has redefined aesthetics in television viewing. With countless moments of pure delight, especially between Felicity and Noel; Keri Russell's often mesmerizing, larger than life performance; imaginative dialogue; warm, intimate, 3 dimentional lighting and photography; expressive musical selections; and a million and one subtleties are all part of Felicity's innovation.

For me, a line from a first season episode "Cheating," in which Felicity said to Ben, "I never wanted you to feel anything less than wonderful about yourself," epitomizes the benevolent theme and integrity of this series.

- Kenneth from Ontario, Canada

Like most devoted fans I watched the show without fail and am of course disappointed and upset that it ended. Even now I watch re-runs religiously, and still cry at all the sad bits - which just shows what a great show it was and how much a fictional story can touch so many people.. it will be greatly missed, but is greatly appreciated..

- Lisa A from Sydney, Australia

Felicity is the best.

- Zuza from Slovakia

i don't ever watch regular tv but felicity has
me hooked. i'm a forty-something college student, and i watch the show religiously with my mom. it's real and sweet and the characters endearing.

- cheryl and irene in maine

I miss Felicity. I feel like I've lost a friend....I became a fan of the show halfway through season 3 and just fell in love with all the characters ...especially Noel.

Felicity was a very special show...it reminded me a lot me when I was at Uni, my dreams and aspirations, the fears and joys that come with that wonderful age and how wonderful young love can be. To be able to fall in love with wondeful people and the strength of friendship. I hope Kerry, Scott, Scott and the rest of the crew realise what a special show they were part of...

- Tatiana from Sydney, Australia

I watch the show every single day on Women's Entertainment and can't wait for the next episode. It makes me think back on my College-years in California and Texas and brings back a lot of fond memories, plus I also remember that I oftentimes felt exactly like Felicity in the down-phases of my College-years ... maybe that's what makes it soo successful, everyone is able to identify themselves with the characters because they've "been there" at one point in time!

- Natalie, a devoted Austrian Felicity-fan who lives in Oregon, USA

I LOVE FELICITY!!!!! Sometimes we say we love some show and by the year we have forgotten it. But this one is different from everything ever: this time the ones we say love FELICITY are talking seriously. We do.

- EDUARDO JESE. monterrey, mexico

Felicity was my favorite show. In fact, the only one I was totally committed to watching every week. I miss it.

- Lynn from Long Beach, California

After reading the entries in your guestbook, I realized that there are so many people around the world who actually watch Felicity and admire the show the same way people here do. It gave me goosebumps. You know, your show never failed to inspire me, my friends, and so many other Filipinos my age. (I'm 21.) You've been part of the last four years of my life. Your stories have endlessly touched my life and it's difficult to say goodbye just yet.

- Chris from Manila

I love how the show portrays things that can happen in real life and it's not all just one big fairytale. I love how relationships are always falling apart and people are sleeping with everybody. I mean, that's college life. That's what college is all about. Just finding yourself and that's what Felicity (Keri Russel) does and still is doing.

- Jami

Felicity is one of my best shows on Italian television, but more than Felicity I adore Ben, he remembers me a guy I met years ago, he is so mysterious and gorgerous!

- Stefania from Italy

I read someone else's message and she said it feels like she's lost a friend. Only, I think it feels I've lost about 8 friends. I am so glad she ended up with Ben too, because if I were her, I would definitely be attracted to him. He's so sweet and he messes up a lot, but he always realized that he was stupid and wrong. Basically, Felicity is the best and most captivating show I have ever seen and probably will see ever.

- Rebekah, NY

No matter what I say, I can't begin to describe the way that Felicity has
affected my life. The show allowed me to gain the strength to go all the way
around the world to univeristy,and just watching Felicity go through the
problems and overcome them, gave me more strength in who I am. I was sad to
see it go because I have grownup so much, along with all the characters, but
I also greatly appreciate the fact that a show as wonderful and realistic as
this came out.

- Dana

I am addicted.

- Simona from Slovenia

I love Felicity. It is my favorite show and i never miss one. I can totally relate with the character Felicity, and I think that is why I think I love it so much. I almost feel like I know her. I was so sad when I saw the last episode, but that is what reruns are for.

- Jessica from Michigan

Felicity is by far the most interesting, real, touching and warm show i have watched. The cast is very well chosen, whether their compatability, their names, the way they live, dress and speak, its all amazing. I think Noel and Felicity play their roles so perfectly well, i forget that theyre actors reading lines!

- from Lebanon

I watch Felicity every night on WE. It's my little escape from my everyday life. It's really
the only chance I have during the day all to myself. I love all the characters, especially Noel and am currently watching all the episodes over again, although, I have to admit, I was not impressed to see who she ends up with. I was happy to find your page, so I could see I am not the only one wh is addicted (my husband laughs at me).

- Jennifer from USA

I can't seem to get enough of the love triangle between Felicity, Ben and Noel .... sounds silly ... but I relate to her a lot .... this show ... in a way ... has become a part of my life ... and i will never forget it!

- Mitzi

An open letter to Keri Russell

Dear Ms. Russell:

Congratulations for being the "linchpin" of the finest television series, ever!

Would you please imagine yourself on stage taking a bow after your final performance of Felicity, as if it were a play; now, imagine being greeted by a thunderous, prolonged, standing ovation from a packed house, amidst a resounding chorus of bravos. This is the appreciation that your performance really deserves Ms. Russell, for every episode that you stepped in front of the camera to portray Felicity Porter. Thank you for the joy!

I wish you every success in your career.

- Kenneth from Ontario, Canada

I stumbled across your page because I was looking for info about whether or not they were going to release the remaining seasons on dvd as well. I have the first season and it is my therapy!

- Athena from Florida

Hi!! I'm from Brazil and I just love the show too cause I kind of have the same love story Felicity had.

- Flavia from BRASIL

Well, here we go, another HUGE Felicity fan! This time it's all the way from Malaysia...I really love each episode and getting to watch the 3 key actors...probably because I myself, during the same 4 seasons of the show, have been going through the same 'love triangle' thing, so I can relate a lot to Felicity and her not being able to easily decide between Ben and Noel. Like everyone else, I am so sad Felicity is over because my real life drama isn't.

- Jessica Chia, Malaysia

Once you start organising your life around a show that must mean you like it. Well...I love this show! For four years Felicity made me laugh, made me cry...made me happy...She made me see life from different perspective. She taught me so many important life lessons. She helped me deal with
problems. It's nice to see that Felicity ''touched'' so many people around
the world. She connected all of us in a certain way. Felicity is unique...the best show that ever existed , that exists and that will ever exist. I'll never forget her.
Thank you Felicity.

- Jelena from Croatia

I'm absolutely obsessed with the show! I don't know what about it in particular speaks to me - could be the music, or the cinematography (all the yellow hues), or the storyline, or maybe it's a combination of all these factors!
I've followed the show since it premiered in 1998 in Singapore, and I'm still following the show here in Melbourne (although I missed so many episodes 'coz of the late-night broadcast -What gives?!).

- Sarah from Melbourne, Australia

I having been watching the the entire series run on WE and have become hooked - This show was so well written.

- Kim from Cleveland, OH

I've started watching this show since last year (2003) and I still see it because it has many things in common with my actual college life. I love the comments of Sally and the conclusions that Felicity made.

- Jacqueline form Lima, Peru

This program took me back to NYU, but that was a long time ago. I finished in 1973. I have not missed one episode. TKU, to make me live those years again. As we say in spanish, Nos vemos....

- Jorge Merchan, BS NYU 1973

I'm glad that we have it now in Malaysia...I like it since the very first episode and since then i watch it on and off...Now i could watch it and "feel" the sadness, the conflicts and the happy ending all over again. I'm looking forward to get to know with all Felicity fans in Malaysia. It will be dream coming true having a big gathering at one time.

- Hasrizal M S from Malaysia

I am so disappointed that Felicity ended. It is ridiculous that such a show can be axed when obviously there are so many loyal viewers around the globe who absolutely LOVE IT. I will miss it terribly and hope they release the episodes here in Australia on DVD here soon.

- Kristina from Coffs Harbour, Australia

Felicity is just such a fantastically scripted
and acted show. It has such engagingly real characters and beautiful quirky moments that were always pulled off so well. I just adored Noel, and believe me that is high praise! (I have never been the type to idolise or
ever fall for a character in a tv show before.)
Although incredibly sad to see the end, it was a truly great ending! I will sadly miss the crew but it really was such a clever time to finish. All the best to everybody and good luck for their future careers.

- Anna from Canberra, Australia

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