Episode 1: Sophomoric

"I canít believe it. I used to just hope Iíd run into him. And now, here we are kissing in the backroom and making plans. All I know is that I want this feeling to last the rest of my life. God, Sally, I donít know what this is. But I think, I mean -- maybe itís love. " 

- Felicity on her relationship with Ben



  • Javier gets his visa and returns to Dean & Deluca
  • Felicity and Meghan become roommates again (and co-RA's). 
  • Julie gets stuck with twin cheerleaders for roommates. 
  • Felicity chose Ben instead of going to Berlin with Noel. 
  • Sean advises Ben not to get involved with Felicity. 
  • Elena and Noel share an apartment together (as friends). 
  • Noel tells Felicity never wants to see her again.  
  • Julie moves back into Ben and Sean's loft. 
  • Felicity and Ben run into Noel, Julie and Elena and a shouting match ensues. 
  • Elena tells Noel that Dr. McGrath broke off the relationship with her. 
  • Ben hears Felicity tell Sally that she loves him. 

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