Episode 11: Help For The Lovelorn

Noel: Love? The Clinic guarantees that you will never have a broken heart again! Isnít that what you said you wanted? 

Felicity: Yes, but if not feeling heartache means not feeling anything, forget it! Iíll take all of loveís pain, if it means I might get to feel some of loveís happiness! 


  • Meghan plays with her box & notices Felicity's been staring out the window all morning.
  • Felicity's lovesick and confused. A woman at Dean and Deluca refers her to "the clinic."
  • Felicity visits the clinic. No one will tell her what the treatment is. Felicity signs a form and drinks some water. The doctor tries to take her blood, but she leaves. 
  • Felicity receives a glass heart and a call from the clinic for a second appointment. She tells them to leave her alone. 
  • Felicity sees a dead guy looking at her in the library with Elena.
  • He tells her to stay away from "snow" and tells her the procedure has already begun. 
  • The woman from Dean & Deluca returns, telling her to go back to the clinic. 
  • Felicity's tape recorder tells her, "Open 67".
  • Julie tells Felicity that she went to the clinic in the summer and it was the best thing she's ever done.
  • Felicity starts a new job at the morgue. A dead guy (number 67) tells Felicity they ripped his heart out and that's what they're gonna to do to her.
  • Felicity confronts the doctor. He tries to manipulate Felicity into thinking she's imagining everything. The nurse tries to inject her with a needle, but she escapes by throwing their glass heart against the wall.
  • Noel consoles Felicity. She discovers he has a glass heart too, along with a scar on his chest from the heart-removal incision.
  • Felicity finds herself on the operating table with "Dr. Snow" and her heart removed.
  • Felicity wakes up in a box with no exit. There she meets Noel, Elena, Ben and Julie. They've all been trapped there for who knows how long.
  • Felicity climbs out of the box with her friends' help. She screams as she falls to the other side. 
  • Meghan picks up a Felicity doll that has fallen out of her mysterious box. She places Felicity back into the box again with the Noel, Ben, Julie, and Elena dolls.

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