Episode 12: The Slump

"I donít know who I am anymore. How I got here, I donít know what Iím doing. I donít know why Iím here. 
Iíve been in relationships that I donít really understand. I hate my haircut. I dropped pre-med like it was some kind of victory. And I canít even remember what it felt like then." 
- Felicity


Felicity: So you didnít buy the tickets?
Ben: I could tell your heart wasnít in it. 
Felicity: I just -- I donít think itís the best thing for me right now. How about you? Are you still going to go? 
Ben: Nah. Iím not gonna go... not without you.
  • Felicity meets her new alcohol treatment counselor, Dr. Toni Pavone.
  • Felicity tries to deal with her parents' separation.
  • Ben rejects the alcohol counseling & thinks about dropping out of school.
  • Noel freaks out at Ruby for writing "Hi Noel" on her anonymous test paper.
  • Felicity breaks out crying at dinner with her parents.
  • Felicity's father confesses that he told Felicity about the separation.
  • Felicity tells Dr. Pavone that she hates her haircut, she's had one confusing relationship after another, and now her parents are on the outs.
  • Felicity blames herself for her parents' breakup.
  • Ben asks Felicity to drop out of college with him & go to Prague.
  • Noel tries to apologize to Ruby, to no avail.
  • Elena has a problem: her new guy lab partner is too CUTE.
  • Felicity's dad finds out about Felicity being busted at the pool.
  • Dr. Pavone provokes Felicity into admitting she is mad at her parents.
  • Felicity learns that her parents got married because of Felicity.
  • Felicity tells Ben she'll drop out & go to Vienna with him.
  • Ruby tells Noel that her period is late.
  • Dr Provone makes Felicity realize that she didn't come to New York to chase Ben but to get away from her parents and their problems.
  • Meghan tells Felicity's parents that Felicity's going to Vienna.  
  • Felicity changes her mind; so does Ben. Maybe they can go in the summer?


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