Episode 13: Truth and Consequences

Ruby: Be blue. 
Noel: Come on, blue. 
Ruby: Be blue. 
Noel: Okay, think of blue things.

Ruby: The sky. 
Noel: Wild blueberries. 
Ruby: Suede shoes.


Noel: My dad has this 3-year cycle theory. He says that once every three years, you go through a total crisis. Itís like a roller coaster, like every three years, you dip. And then you come up, and then you dip.

Ruby: I feel like Iíve been dipping forever.

  • Ruby and Noel stall on taking the home pregnancy test.
  • Dr. Pavone sentences Felicity & Ben to 50 hours of community service. 
  • Julie practices for her record-deal meeting at Pop Rocks.
  • Felicity and Ben decide to work in the health center.
  • Ruby discovers that she is pregnant.
  • Felicity and Ben meet Greg, condescending head of the health center.
  • Ruby's thinking she wants to keep "it." Noel tries to be realistic.
  • Ben pretends to know Excel but instead plays Space Invaders at the clinic.
  • Erik convinces the head of Pop Rocks to sign on Julie.
  • Greg talks to Ruby and Noel about having an abortion.
  • Ben sees Noel and Ruby at the health center.
  • Greg tells Felicity that Ben isn't doing his work and he wants to let him go.
  • Ben confronts Noel about seeing him at the clinic with Ruby. Noel tells him to get lost.
  • Erik becomes too "friendly" with Julie and she freaks out, remembering her experience with Zack.
  • Ruby tells Felicity she is pregnant, and asks for her advice. But it really is Ruby's decision.
  • Felicity tells Ben that Greg is onto him. Ben confesses he really doesn't want to help anyone.
  • Noel and Ruby go to the clinic to have an abortion.
  • Ruby decides that she can't go through with the abortion.
  • Felicity tries to support Noel, telling him that he is "amazing".
  • Dr. Provone tells Noel to stop following Felicity around and figure out what he wants to do with his life.
  • Erik cancels Julie's record deal. 
  • Ben confesses to Felicity that he only chose the clinic because she did.
  • Ruby decides that she wants to keep the baby.

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