Episode 14: True Colors

"What I really want to do is disappear. Or trade places with someone else. I want this not to be my life. I would love to be that guy who stands by your side and blindly goes along with this whole thing, but I canít. I just canít be that guy." 

Ė Noel to Ruby



Whatís your problem?

Ben: My problem is that 63% of me thinks that youíre a dick.

"I just want to tell you two things: one, that Iím sorry. The other thing that I wanted to say is that I really thought... that we were falling in love. Iím hoping that we can still make this work."

- Ruby, apologizing to Noel.

Well, one thing that you definitely donít want to do is walk away too early, man. Before you figure it all out. I mean if you do that, you could regret it for a long time. 
Noel: So what the hell am I supposed to do? 
Ben: Shoot.

  • Felicity complains to Ben about how arrogant Greg is. Ben thinks Felicity should bail on the clinic.
  • Ruby books her first pre-natal appointment. Noel can't handle it.
  • Elena decides to throw a painting party at her apartment.
  • Noel tells Elena that he is screwing up everything with Ruby.
  • Ben ends up in the philosophy class Noel is teaching.
  • Ben tells Noel about the teen pregnancy experience he had. He knows what it's like to act like a coward and doesn't want Noel to make the same mistake.
  • Greg blames Felicity for deleting the computer patient files.
  • Sean tries to find out what's bothering Julie. He suggests that she get some counselling.
  • Ruby tells Felicity that Noel wants nothing to do with the baby.
  • Noel has a change of heart and goes to the pre-natal appointment with Ruby.
  • Ruby and Noel discover the baby is eight weeks old... and not Noel's.
  • Noel flips out. Ruby argues that it was before they got serious.
  • Meghan meets Greg, and falls head over heels!
  • Meghan takes Greg to the painting party to find Felicity.
  • Sean gets everyone dancing at the painting party: Elena, Tracy, Julie, Felicity, Richard and even Ben.
  • Noel walks in, and everyone stops dancing. 
  • Meghan and Greg arrive. Greg apologizes for accusing Felicity of erasing the files. She offers to help him work on it for the hospital review.
  • Richard finally figures out that Ruby is pregnant. Everyone starts discussing Noel and Ruby's situation.
  • Noel can here the conversation from his room, and tells everyone the baby isn't his.
  • Ruby shows up at the apartment. Everyone decides it's a good idea to leave Noel and Ruby alone.
  • Ruby decides to have the baby even though it isn't Noel's. She's also really sorry and wants to work it out.
  • Julie tells Sean that she was date-raped by Zack last year. And that she's going to get some counseling.
  • Ben asks Felicity to go to a movie with him. She can't because she has to help Greg.
  • Noel comes to talk to Ben. They discuss Noel's relationship problems over some hoops.

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