Episode 15: Things Change

"I dated a girl once. Her name was Lola. She was a showgirl." 

- Javier to Ben



"You know the second that I say Julie, I love you, sheís going to smile awkwardly, and say that she wants to be my dear friend. She likes me and respects me, and that sheís flattered. Then Iíll just want to kill myself."

- Sean to Ben

"I spent the past week thinking about what you said. How you want us to be together, be a couple. But I canít forget this isnít my child. It took me awhile, but I understand why you choose to do this, to take this path. I hope that you can understand that itís impossible for me to take it with you. But Iím here for you -- as your friend."

- Noel to Ruby

  • Felicity discovers that her father has quit his job and is taking anti-anxiety pills. She begins to spend more time with Greg at the health center.
  • Ben goes on a date and realizes that he wants to be with Felicity. He goes to the health center to tell her that he loves her, but sees her and Greg hanging out together.
  • Noel decides that he still cares about Ruby, but cannot be anything more than a good friend.
  • Elena gets competitive when Tracy beats her on an exam. She reluctantly agrees to go out to dinner with him.
  • Meghan decides that she likes Greg and tells Felicity to "keep her grubby little mitts off".
  • Sean makes some bucks from the docuventary he created last year. 
  • Javier contemplates liposuction and unknowingly inspires Ben to tell Felicity how he feels.

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