Episode 16: Revolutions

Javier: Benjamin! Pretend we're dating.
Ben: No. There's no way! No way!
Javier: And then for my birthday, Benjamin gave me a bubble bath, with a lot of candles... and aromatherapy. Benjamin, whisper in my earlobe!
Ben: Javier... I quit. 

* Listen to the sound bite by Serena.


  • Ben has difficulty in his History of Western Thought class (the one Noel is teaching).
  • Javier flirts with Ben at D&D to make his old boyfriend jealous.
  • A girl named Leelah asks Felicity for the morning-after pill at the clinic.
  • Greg tells Felicity that they don't administer the morning-after pill anymore. She tells him that it is wrong; but Greg says it's not his battle to fight.
  • Felicity decides to stage a sit-in to protest the policy. Leelah, Elena, Ruby & Burky help out.
  • Greg tries to persuade Felicity to stop the protest; his medical school recommendation is on the line...
Noel tries to tutor Ben. They end up drinking beer & playing video games.

Ben accidentally clubs Noel in the head with a can of beer. (Too much drinking?) Ben tells Noel to hit him back... and a drunken fight ensues.

  • Julie has nightmares about her experience with Zack. Felicity suggests that she talk to a counselor.
  • Ben & Noel wake up with hangovers. They debate about who won the fight over a lime juice & egg concoction.
  • Felicity's dad shows up at the sit-in. He & Mr. Simmons tell her to call off the protest. Felicity & Greg decide to support the sit-in.
Felicity is interviewed on TV. She gets nervous and Julie fills in. Julie eloquently tells the world that she was raped, supporting the cause.
  • Felicity and Greg find out that the board agreed! In her excitement, she kisses Greg. Burky and Meghan are NOT pleased.
  • Felicity & all of the protesters celebrate their win.

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