Episode 17: Docuventary II

With a little encouragement from the Independent Film Channel, Sean continues shooting his documentary on college life from last year. When his covert camera catches Felicity in a romantic moment with Greg, Ben feels compelled to take action and warn Felicity about what he uncovered about Greg's dark past. 


Ben's Glamourous Community Jobs:

Washing dishes... 

the admissions office...

& campus security! 

  • Sean begins filming his docuventary again for the The Independent Film Channel (with Richard as his trusty sidekick).
  • Sean convinces Ben & Felicity to participate in the documentary again.
  • Ben does a string of jobs to fulfill his community service hours for breaking into the university swimming pool...
  • Sean interviews Felicity and Greg. Thinking they are off-camera, they discuss their kiss at the health center.
  • Javier comments on the gang in Sean's docuventary. Felicity's a sweet girl, and if Noel were gay, look out. Ben is a sweet dumb guy who's really not dumb... he just looks dumb. Elena is saucy - she's got it going on. And Meghan? Let's just say she pretty much scares everyone to death.
  • Jim (Felicity's co-worker at the clinic) discloses to her that a paid position has opened up there. Felicity decides that she wants it.
  • Felicity tells Greg that she wants the assistant's job at the clinic.
Ben reads Greg's confidential school files while working at the admissions office. He discovers Greg was arrested for cocaine possession.
  • Meghan charges Sean and Richard 90 bucks for an interview.  
  • Noel panics when he loses the exam papers he's supposed to grade.  
  • Felicity accepts a dinner date with Greg and then gets the job! Coincidence?
  • Felicity takes the girls out to celebrate her new job. Ben learns that Felicity will be Greg's new assistant.
Richard & Sean stalk Felicity on her date with her Greg. She catches them filming them and says that she is going to kill Sean!
  • Ruby participates in Sean's documentary, telling him that she is majoring in art history and wants to be a curator of a museum. But before anything, she's going to be a mother. 
  • Tracy tells Sean that juggling pre-med and a social life has been hard,  but he is really into Elena.

Felicity learns that Jim was passed over for the promotion even though he's work-studied for two years. 

"I guess I just wasn't Greg's type..." Jim deadpans.

  • Felicity tells Greg that she quits, because she wasn't hired on merit.   
  • Ben watches Sean's footage about when Greg asks Felicity about if she kissed him. He is not a happy camper.
  • Ben tells Greg that he knows about the cocaine & that if Greg does anything to hurt Felicity, he'll kill him...
  • In her last session with Felicity, Dr. Povone tells her that she is sabotaging her opportunity with the assistant job. 
  • Greg tells Felicity that he had a drug problem before, but then he got help. He wanted to tell her before Ben did. 
  • Greg wants Felicity back at the clinic, because she makes him happy and that makes him run the clinic run better. 
  • Felicity decides to return to the clinic as a volunteer.  
Noel is a LITTLE stressed out about losing the exams... 
  • Ben finds Noel's exam papers at the Campus Security Lost & Found.
  • Sean and Richard let Noel go on about how he's going to tell his professor that the exams were lost. Noel would give anything to get the papers back...
  • SURPRISE! Richard gives him the papers back (on air, of course). Noel thinks that Sean set him up from the beginning & decides he's going to kick some documentarian ass.
"What do you look for in a guy?"

Julie tells the documentary that she wants someone to love her in spite of her faults. (Sean, what are you waiting for, already?)

  • Felicity asks Ben how he found out about Greg. He admits he looked in the student admission files, just as she did last year. Yeah, but she only did that because she was in love with Ben...

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