Episode 18: Party Lines

Felicity is torn between her beliefs and her new relationship with Greg when he asks her to be his campaign manager in a run for Student Council president, but his take on the issues inspires her own leap into student politics.

  • The documentary channel wants to know more about Ben and Felicity's love life.


  • There's a Sadie Hawkins dance and Julie has no one to ask. What about Noel
Felicity asks Greg to the Sadie Hawkins dance. Greg asks Felicity to be his campaign manager for the upcoming Student Council President election.
  • Felicity tells Ben that he has no direction in life. Ben makes an appointment with Dr. Pavone to prove her wrong.
  • Dr. Pavone suggests that he become a stockbroker, based on his career test. She sets him up on an internship.

Felicity meets Greg's competition for the Student President race...


  • Ben spends the first day at his internship babysitting for his boss.
  • Felicity discovers that she disagrees with most of Greg's campaign platform. Meghan is all to eager to help with the campaign.
  • Ben's boss asks him to take his son to a piano symphony. 
  • Pam asks Ben to the Sadie Hawkins dance, creating a pang of jealousy in Felicity.
  • Felicity recounts a memory of Ben & a spider last summer in a cheesy motel room for Sean's documentary interview.
  • Elena asks Tracy to the Sadie Hawkins dance. Too late, he's already going with some girl named Laurie.
  • Felicity asks Greg to reconsider some of his opinions about the school policies for the election.
Pitch time...

Richard proposes "Free Pizza Fridays" as his campaign platform. The crowd seems to like the idea...

  • Leelah gets a case of stage fright and asks Felicity to read her speech.
  • Felicity does a great job on the speech. Leelah's pitch is much closer to her own ideology. 
  • Noel agrees to go to the dance with Julie.
  • Felicity decides to help Leelah with her campaign instead of Greg's
  • Leelah states that she's quitting the race but suggests that Felicity run instead. 
Tracy tells Elena that he is ditching Laurie to go to the dance with her. Elena flatly refuses; that's not fair to the other girl.
  • The kid tells Ben he is the worst babysitter he has ever had. Ben retorts by saying that he's the worst kid he's ever met. 
  • Ben decides to ditch the symphony and take the kid to play some basketball instead. They have a great time together, and Ben really enjoys it.
  • The kid breaks his finger playing basketball. Ben takes him to the clinic, and Felicity convinces Greg to see him.
  • Felicity is extremely impressed by how good Ben is with the kid.
  • Ben encourages her to run for the Student Council President election. Felicity has a way of making people want to try harder. 
Ben decides that he would like to work in an after-school basketball coaching program for kids.
  • Felicity tells Greg that she will be running for Student Council President. He is not impressed, and tells her not to run.
  • Elena decides to call up Tracy and go to the dance after all.
  • Felicity ends up going to the dance alone. She sees Ben and Pam together.
  • Greg apologizes to Felicity and encourages the healthy competition.
Felicity and Ben exchange THE LOOK...

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