Episode 19: Running Mates

Ben thinks Greg's friend is vandalizing Felicity's campaign posters and urges her to reveal Greg's past arrest. But Greg denies any wrongdoing, and Felicity refuses to believe Ben or start personal attacks. 

  • Felicity discovers that someone is defacing her campaign posters. 


  • Ben tells Felicity that he saw a friend of Greg's doing the vandalizing.
  • Felicity confronts Greg and he is convinced that his friend didn't do it. Greg asks Felicity to go away for the weekend with him. 
Things get out of control as Keith, Richard, Felicity and Greg all start playing dirty to win the campaign.
  • Elena tells Julie how great Tracy is. If only he would make a move...
  • Julie suggests some moonlight and lobsters to get Tracy in the mood. She'll even get Noel out of the apartment, what the heck.
  • Ben confronts Greg and his vandalizing friend, Andre. They both deny any wrongdoing. Greg refers to Felicity as "his girlfriend", trying to make Ben jealous.
  • Ben tells Richard about Greg's past arrest to give him ammo for the election and to bring down Greg.
  • Ruby tells Noel about her parent's reaction to her being pregnant. She decides not to tell the father of the baby.
  • Felicity discovers that all of her posters have gone missing. Meghan says that she saw Andre with Felicity's posters.
  • Greg says that it's "every man for himself until the election's over". Fine!
  • Felicity and Ben get help from Sean on how to bust in to Andre's apartment and get the posters back. It's just all a game, right?
  • Noel cautions that this could lead to paying off hit men and fishing hookers out of the Hudson. :0)
  • Ben has a change of heart and tells Richard to keep quiet about Greg's arrest. Too late, he's already printed and distributed posters.
  • Tracy bails out of a make-out session with Elena, making her VERY confused.
Julie tells Noel that it is wrong for Ruby not to tell the father about the baby. Julie's father doesn't even know she exists.
  • Felicity and Ben break into Andre's apartment. They find her posters and then almost get caught when Andre comes home.
  • Felicity tells Greg that she found her campaign stuff at Andre's. Greg tells her that someone leaked out the information about his past drug problem. 
  • Greg blames Ben, but Felicity defends him.

Tracy tells Elena that he is waiting until marriage to have sex. She can't believe it.

  • Sean convinces Ben not to tell Felicity about what he did to Greg
  • Noel tells Ruby that she should tell the father about the pregnancy.
  • Felicity asks Ben if he told anyone about Greg's arrest. Ben says no. 
  • During the election Q&A, Greg is attacked by crowd for his criminal background. He admits his mistake and says he regrets not being up-front about it. They don't buy it.
  • Felicity states that they should judge the candidates on what they do now as opposed to the mistakes they made before... they don't buy that, either.
  • Richard and a candidate named Carol Nan are elected co-presidents. Richard?!?!
  • Elena tells Tracy that they should just be friends.
  • Richard that lets it slip to Felicity that Ben was the guy who gave him the inside scoop about Greg.
Felicity is furious. She decides to accept Greg's offer of going away for the weekend.
  • Ben wants to confess to Felicity about what he did. He goes to the dorm, but Felicity and Greg already took off to a bed-and-breakfast in Rhinebeck. 
  • Ben buys a ticket to Rhinebeck and hope he can catch them before it's too late...

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