Episode 2: The List

The truth is, I canít be with you like this. And the saddest part, is that one day youíre going to wake up and youíre gonna realize what you missed. And itís going to be too late.Ē

- Felicity on compromising herself for Ben


The List: "Ten Steps to Winning Him Back"

1. Seduce him on the cell phone.

2. Fire him up with lusty lingerie.

3. Put blush on your nipples.

4. (not mentioned)  

5. Go where the action is.

6. Dress high-voltage.

7. Let him see you with another guy.  

8. (not mentioned)

9. Stay icily indifferent.

10. Don't let him see you care


  • FELICITY counsels an advisee named Gretchen on how to keep her boyfriend. Gretchen decides to follow the advice of a magazine article instead. 
  • JULIE throws a party at Sean's loft. They make $700 each. Sean looks like he's becoming interested in Julie.  
  • BEN breaks it off with Felicity. Later he confesses that he listened to her tape, and tells her that it won't work between them.   
  • NOEL makes an attempt at dating again. He fails miserably. Elena coaches him on the art of picking up a girl.  
  • FELICITY tries out "The List" in the magazine article. She goes to the party with Burky wearing a sexy red dress. Felicity and Ben get back together.
  • FELICITY and BEN take their relationship day by day, with no expectations. Felicity realizes she is compromising herself for Ben and breaks it off again.
  • FELICITY gets her hair cut! 

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