Episode 20: Ben Was Here

"I've made a lot of mistakes. But the biggest mistake I ever made was letting you go. What I should have done is realize that being with you made me the luckiest guy on the planet."

- Ben, trying to convince Felicity that they belong together



  • Ben follows Felicity and Greg on their romantic weekend in the mountains. 
  • Tracy offers to paint Noel & Elena's apartment with his friend. 
  • Ruby decides to tell the father of her baby the big news.
  • A pipe explosion floods Kelvin Hall. 
  • Greg gets some wood for the cabin's fireplace, and Ben tries to apologize to Felicity.
  • Felicity is furious at Ben for telling Richard about Greg's drug problem. She slams the door in his face and tells him she doesn't want him in her life anymore.
Felicity confesses to Greg that Ben showed up at the cabin... and that she can't stop thinking about it. 

Greg says it's time to go back home... 

  • Tracy's toxic attempt to remove Elena's wallpaper makes the apartment unlivable. Julie suggests that Noel and Elena stay at the loft.
  • Felicity comes back to the dorm, only to find it completely flooded. Everyone has to stay at the cafeteria.
  • Felicity asks Greg out to dinner.
Felicity shares with Ruby how she followed Ben to New York. She reminisces by reading through her old yearbook.
  • Javier tries to convince Felicity that Ben has changed and he's sorry about what he did to Greg.
  • Julie invites Felicity to stay at the loft. Felicity wants to bring Ruby too...
  • Sean decides since the whole gang's over, it is time for board games!
  • Meghan decides to invite herself stay at the loft.

The Independent Film Channel wants to buy Sean's film! In his excitement, he plants a big kiss on Julie!

Everyone watches in amazement.

  • Wade shows up at the loft to take Ruby out for dinner. Greg comes to pick up Felicity.
  • Ben doesn't understand what Felicity sees in Greg.
  • Meghan explains how Felicity is still in love with Ben: she's listening to Sarah McLachlan again.
  • Julie asks Sean what's going on. He tells her that he is totally, madly, insanely, passionately in love with her and he's not kidding.
  • Greg admits that Ben stopped by the clinic to apologize to him. Felicity's glad to hear it.
  • Ben interrupts Greg and Felicity's date to tell her that he's made a lot of mistakes, the biggest of which was letting her go. He tries to convince her that they belong together.
  • Felicity insists that he's doing the same thing he did last year - he's more interested in chasing her when she's with someone else.
  • Greg and Ben get into a brawl. Greg punches Ben
  • While Felicity makes sure Ben is okay, she still leaves with Greg.

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