Episode 21: The Aretha Theory

After yet another interrupted date, Greg realizes Felicity is still not over Ben and dumps her. A depressed Felicity asks Meghan for a night on the town. 

  • After another interrupted date, Greg realizes Felicity is not over Ben and dumps her. 


  • Javier asks Ben to help pick out a wedding ring for Samuel.
  • The girls commiserate: Felicity got dumped & is thinking about Ben, Tracy's a virgin and Sean told Julie that he's in love with her (and she doesn't know how she feels about him).
  • Ruby asks Noel to do "dinner and a movie" back at the loft.
Elena and Noel's apartment is still a disaster from Tracy's efforts.
  • As Felicity goes to see Ben, he tells her, "You were right, I only go after you because I like the chase".
  • Felicity gets depressed and asks Meghan to take her out clubbing. She also makes Elena and Julie join them. They go to the T-Bone Club.
Noel and Ruby watch a romantic love story. It is obvious that Noel still has feelings for Ruby. They start to kiss... only to be interrupted by Sean
  • As Ben helps Javier pick out wedding rings, Javier reveals that Felicity and Greg are over. 
  • Ben and Javier go to the T-Bone Club to see Felicity
  • Ben admits to Felicity that he lied earlier. It's not about the chase... it's about loving her.
  • Meghan drags Felicity off to the next bar. Felicity and Ben agree to meet later at the loft.
  • Meghan admits that to Felicity that she has a "Ben" of her own. G-R-E-G.
  • They have a chance encounter with Greg at a convenience store. Meghan reminds him they were married in a first-grade sandbox. Maybe they can get together again? He tells her he is not interested. 
  • Now Meghan is the depressed one. Time for Felicity to take her out on the town.
  • The girls get drunk and drunker!

Ruby and Noel get a second chance with their kiss. 

  • In a drunken stupor, Felicity leaves Ben a voicemail message about how she can't be with him EVER because she doesn't trust him. 
  • The morning after, Felicity realizes that she wants Ben again. But what about that message?
  • Sean tells Felicity that Ben listened to the message last night and left.
  • Noel and Ruby are awaken by a phone call for Ruby from Wade
  • Sean asks Julie about how she feels about what he said. Yes or No? She answers, "maybe".
  • Noel and Elena's apartment looks fabulous after Tracy's hard work. 
  • Felicity can't find Ben anywhere.
  • Javier tells Felicity that Samuel said YES!
  • Ben arrives at D&D to see Felicity. He pinpointed the exact moment when he blew it with Felicity. It was the night they were supposed to see the movie "Gold Rush" but he never showed up. He gives her a film reel of the movie they should have watched together.

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