Episode 22: Final Answer

Ben and Felicity's plans to spend the summer together in California are jeopardized when her professor offers her an internship in New York---if she does well on the final. 

  • Ben and Felicity are finally back together! 


  • Ben needs money for school next year so he's gonna do construction in California. Felicity plans to go home with him
  • Totally lovestruck, Felicity and Ben try to get through finals. 
Sean asks out Julie. She tentatively agrees.
  • Ruby tells Noel that Wade asked her to marry him. Wade wants to take care of her and the baby. 
  • Meghan thinks Sean is cute... Julie likes Noel AND Sean.
  • Meghan makes "smart cookies" to help her study. (See smart powder.)
  • Tracy decides that he's through with the whole celibacy thing.
Felicity and Ben decide to avoid each other until exams are over. Three days apart and then summer together... :0) 
  • Felicity's professor offers her an internship at the Metropolitan Museum this summer, pending her final exam results. Only problem... she has to stay in New York!
  • Javier asks Ben to be an usher at his wedding. He gives him a motion-powered watch (you have to shake it to wind it). He wants Felicity to be his best man. 
  • Julie tells Noel that if he wants to marry Ruby, he should tell her.
  • Sean convinces Ben he should take Felicity to a hotel room and have a romantic evening together.
  • Ben tells Felicity that they have a hotel room for the weekend after her last exam. But she wants to go before the exam!

Noel asks if Ruby has real feelings for Wade or whether she would consider marrying Noel.

  • Felicity and Ben make out at the hotel room. They set Ben's new watch so that they don't miss Felicity's exam. 
  • Meghan warns Elena not to come in between Tracy and his religious beliefs of being a virgin.
  • Noel and Julie eat smart cookies and start to flirt a bit. 
  • Elena and Tracy make out, and then she decides that she can't sleep with him because of his moral beliefs. 
Julie's feelings and Noel's allergic reaction to beets causes them to make out, too.  Sean and Ruby catch them in the act.
  • Felicity misses her art history final. She rationalizes that she doesn't have to decide about the internship now.
  • Julie tells Elena that she is overreacting and should have sex with Tracy if she wants to.
  • Ben finds Professor Morton and explains what happened. He doesn't want to ruin her chances for the internship. She gives Felicity a make-up essay.
  • Julie apologizes to Sean. She shouldn't have accepted the date in the first place. He knows that if they were meant to be they'd have already been.
  • Elena tells Tracy she wants to have sex. He realizes that he wasn't ready for it anyway.
Ruby decides not to marry Noel or Wade. She's leaving university and going home to her parents.
  • Meghan and Sean get some of their own action...
  • Felicity and Ben spend the weekend working on her paper. She aces her final and the decision to stay in New York still looms.


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