Episode 3: Ancient History

Ben: So did you play any music over the summer?
Julie: Yeah. I wrote a lot of songs, too.
Ben: You did? Thatís great!
Julie: They had titles like, ĒWhen Ben DiesĒ.

  • FELICITY get mixed reactions about her new haircut. 


Itís now been officially a week since my breakup with Ben. And every once in awhile, I get this feeling. That maybe getting over someone youíre in love with isnít impossible. Unless, maybe you donít actually get over it. Maybe you just learn to live with it. 
- Felicity

Well, I was gonna order an e-machine.
Noel: So what did you do?
Ruby: I bought the iMac. What?
Noel: Nothing. No, itís nothing. Itís just -- youíre a Mac person.


  • FELICITY helps an advisee named Ruby choose her classes. Felicity decides to drop Pre-Med and changes her major to art. 
  • NOEL tries to ask Brigid out again. He later learns that she has a girlfriend. 
  • FELICITY and NOEL end up in the same drawing class.
  • SEAN and BEN interview potential roommates. They end up asking Julie to stay with them. 
  • FELICITY tells Noel it was a big mistake that she chose Ben over him.
  • NOEL discovers Ruby is a "Mac person". 
  • FELICITY is discouraged when her artwork is negatively critiqued in drawing class. Nonetheless, she decides to stay in art.
  • NOEL and Ruby go out on a casual date. 

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