Episode 6: The Love Bug

Felicity: All right. What would you wish for? 
Noel: I canít tell you. Then it wonít come true. 
But youíre not the one wishing. 
Noel: Yeah I am. Iím always wishing, even in non-eyelash moments.



Felicity: Iím sorry that youíre not comfortable with this -- potential relationship, because I want to see where this, us, can go. I mean, Iím not making any promises or having any expectations. All Iím saying is -- if I wasnít pretty sure that I had mono, Iíd grab you and kiss you right now.  
David: So give me mono.
  • Carl gets mononucleosis.
  • Felicity wonders why David hasn't kissed her yet.
  • Ruby auditions for a movie role.
  • Meghan gets mono too. 
  • David asks Felicity to stay at his place, then tells her his apartment is being fumigated. 
  • Noel asks Felicity to keep their past relationship a secret from Ruby. 
  • Felicity stays at Noel and Elena's apartment.
  • Ruby asks Felicity for birth control advice.
  • Felicity and David go to Epstein Bar with Noel and Ruby.
  • David and Ruby see Felicity and Noel talking very intimately.
  • Noel says Felicity's name while he is kissing Ruby. 
  • Ruby gets mad and leaves.
  • David tells Felicity he can't trust her. 
  • Maggie sleeps with Ben one last time before breaking up with him.
  • Felicity catches the "love bug". She goes home and finds Meghan and Carl in bed.  
  • Ruby forgives Noel.
  • Ben finds out that Maggie is married.
  • Ruby tells Noel that she won the movie role and she is cast opposite Tom Cruise! 
  • Felicity tells David that she wants to see where their relationship will go.
  • David kisses her despite her mono.

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