Episode 7: Getting Lucky

Noel:  So how’d it go last night? 
Felicity:  It was good. 
Noel:  Is it gone? 
Felicity:  What? 
Noel: The mystery. 
Felicity:  What? What’s that smile? 
Noel: Nothing. It’s just -- now you and I have something you and David don’t.


Felicity is stunned when Noel and Elena point out that her affection for her adopted stray dog Lucky is interfering with her relationship with David, who is rapidly losing patience with her. Meanwhile, Maggie gives Ben an ultimatum: spend the night with her at the Dakota Hotel or she's out of his life forever.

Felicity, David, and Lucky

  • Felicity adopts a stray dog named Lucky.
  • Felicity tries to find a place for Lucky to stay: Noel & Elena's, Javier's, Sean's loft... and finally, David's apartment.
  • Lucky interferes with Felicity and David's developing relationship. 
  • Elena and Noel tell Felicity that she has "issues" with sex. 
  • Meghan agrees to take care of Lucky. He ends up drinking beer with some of Felicity's advisees.  
  • Lucky bites Noel, giving Felicity another excuse to avoid sex with David.
  • Felicity discovers that Lucky has distemper, a virus of the brain.
  • Felicity reluctantly agrees to put Lucky to sleep.
  • Felicity tells David she's never had sex with someone she's cared about. 
  • Felicity decides that she IS ready to progress with David.
  • Noel tells Felicity that now she and him share something that she and David don't -- mystery. 

Ben & Maggie

  • Maggie is still interested in Ben.
  • Maggie tells Ben that she wants to have an affair with him.
  • Ben meets Maggie at a hotel. He finds a picture of Maggie and her husband in her wallet.
  • Maggie's husband orders an anniversary cake from Ben at D & D.

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