Episode 8: Family Affair

Charlie: Maggie, could you come here? Thereís somebody Iíd like you to meet.

Maggie: Actually, Iíd like you to meet someone, too. This is Ben. I thought you should meet the person Iíve been sleeping with.


Noel: I was just thinking about Thanksgiving last year. 
Felicity: Remember Javier and his turkey? 
Noel: Oh, and those exploding sweet potatoes!
Felicity: God, I canít believe that was a year ago. It feels like yesterday. 
Noel: Really? I donít know. For me, it seems like a million years ago.

Julie: No offense, but this turkey tastes really weird. 
Sean: Oh, thatís because itís tofurkey. 
Julie: What? 
Sean: Tofurkey. Tofu turkey. The guy promised that it would taste exactly the same. But if you donít think so, we can always slather it with smoothaiseÖ
Ben: No, no, no! This is good.

When Felicity opts to stay in New York over the Thanksgiving holiday, her parents surprise her with an unexpected visit and get a few surprises of their own about her life at school, including her new hair cut, her new major and her new older boyfriend, David. The twisted turkey day culminates with a dinner co-hosted by Noel and Elena involving Meghan, Felicityís parents, Davidís mother, and two hundred-proof punch.

Felicity, David & Noel & Elena's Thanksgiving Dinner

  • Felicity & David make casual plans for Thanksgiving.
  • Felicity's parents drop by unexpectedly for a visit.
  • Elena tells Felicity to bring her parents and David to her & Noel's place.
  • Professor Sherman is also invited to the dinner.
  • Felicity tells Elena that David may be getting too serious.
  • David buys Felicity's parents a gift and tells her he's falling in love.
  • Felicity realizes that she is the "Ben" of the situation.
  • Meghan arrives, with an invite from Felicity's mom.
  • Felicity's parents are okay with Felicity's pre-med drop and David.
  • Felicity and Noel drunkenly reminisce of last year's Thanksgiving... and they kiss!
  • Professor Sherman catches them in the act.
  • Professor Sherman confronts Felicity and everyone learns of the kiss.
  • Felicity apologizes to David and tells him she can't be in a serious relationship right now.
  • Felicity's parents are happy to be in her life again, if only "for a moment".

Ben & Friends Catering Service

  • Javier asks Ben and his friends to work at a catered Thanksgiving party.
  • Sean convinces Javier to serve smoothaise at the catered event.
  • Ben learns that the party they are catering is for Maggie & her husband.
  • Maggie & Ben steal a quick kiss before Julie interrupts them.
  • Maggies watches as her husband talks intimately with another woman.
  • Maggie openly admits to her husband that she slept with Ben.
  • Julie and Sean commiserate with Ben and toast to "tofurkey". 

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