Episode 1: The Christening

The third season opens with Felicity back from summer break and ditching plans to spend her junior year in an apartment with Elena and Julie. Instead, she decides to get a Brooklyn flat for herself and Ben, who foolishly agrees to live with her before seeing the dump. 

  • No one has heard from Noel all summer since he left with Natalie


  • Felicity's plans to move in with Julie, Elena, and a British exchange student are thrwarted when she decides to rent out Javier's friend's old apartment. She asks Ben to live there with her. He accepts, without seeing the apartment. 
  • Meghan moves in with Julie and Elena. She had a fabulous summer in Tuscany with her new boyfriend, Sean
  • Richard worked at Disneyworld during the summer as Minnie Mouse. He goes on a mission to locate Noel's whereabouts. 
  • Tracy and Elena spent the summer volunteering at a Children's Hospital and still haven't done the deed.
  • Javier will be going to school at UNY this year with the rest of the gang. 
  • Julie spent her summer in Maine. She had tested to see if she was a match for her birth father's kidney transplant. She wasn't, and he died a couple of months later. 
  • Felicity and Ben go see their apartment. Felicity romanticizes its inperfections, while Ben thinks it is a dump. He doesn't say anything though, so not to hurt her feelings. 
  • Ben and Felicity's first evening together at the apartment is marked by gigantic bugs, rats, a fire, and a visit from a gorgeous female neighbour. 
  • Next day, Ben is fixing the sink when gorgeous female neighbour has broken bathtub pipes and asks to borrow their tub. Ben tries to say no, but she uses it anyways. 
  • Felicity comes home and is not too excited about Bridgette the bathtub girl in their apartment. She yells at Ben and he tells her he didn't want to live in the apartment in the first place. He takes off. 
  • Noel is found! He has changed his name to Leon (Noel spelled backwards) and has highlighted his hair and grown a beard. 
  • He speaks causally about dropping out of school and tells them they are leaving for a trip. 
  • Ben talks to Sean about how underneath all of the dirt and vermin, Felicity still sees beauty in the apartment. Sean reminds Ben that Felicity looks at him with those same eyes. 
  • Ben and Felicity reunite with candles and a bath together. They apologize to each other and decide that it's not the best idea to live together right now. Ben suggests that they should move in together after college. 
Noel and Natalie return from their trip, now as Mr. and Mrs. Noel Crane! 

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