Episode 2: The Anti-Natalie Intervention

Noel's unexpected announcement prompts Felicity and friends to stage an intervention. Meanwhile, Ben's prodigal dad is in town seeking reconciliation with his son; Elena gets frustrated with Tracy's ban on sex and responds to a sexy student's invitation by telling him she doesn't have a boyfriend.  


  • Noel announces to the gang that he has married Natalie
  • Richard plans an anti-Natalie intervention for Noel.  
  • Elena grows increasingly frustrated with Tracy's virginity. He tells her that it is because of God, and his signs, that he refrains from sex.
  • Finn (cute guy in student apartment) asks Elena if she has a boyfriend. She says no. 
  • Noel is not pleased about the intervention. He tells his friends that is going to Germany with Natalie in a few days, and doesn't care if he sees them again. 
  • Felicity later apologizes to Noel for not being supportive of his marriage. She asks him about his four year plan that he had started before. She invites him to a group dinner where they can celebrate the marriage and get to know his wife better.  
  • Ben's father is in town. He is in Alcoholics Anonymous and wants to make amends with those he has hurt, namely Ben
  • While Elena and Tracy are studying, Finn pops by to ask Elena out for dinner. She intercepts him at the door and asks him to go out for lunch instead. 
  • Noel and Natalie go to the loft for dinner. Natalie reiterates how she doesn't like plans and doesn't want to live in any city for more than two years. Noel gets kind of nervous and leaves for the bathroom. 
  • Natalie finds the notes from Richard's intervention and storms out of the dinner. Noel can't find her anywhere. 
  • Noel explains to Felicity how Ruby made him forget about Felicity. Then his junior year ended and he felt like time was running out. When he met Natalie, he could easily ignore his worries and concentrate on having a good time. He admits that he wasn't being his true self and wants his life back, and his friends. He decides that he should end the marriage. 
  • Elena tells Julie that she is going out for lunch with Finn to see if God will give her a sign about Tracy. Julie agrees to go to lunch with them to be their "buffer" in case something happens between them. 
  • Ben's father admits to Ben that he looked back at his life, and saw how he never made time for him. 'What was so important that he couldn't spend time with his son?' he wonders aloud, and the two share a father-son bonding moment. 
  • At lunch, Elena is intrigued by Finn when she learns he is a pre-law student. Julie hates being the third wheel, but stays on Elena's behalf. 
  • Later, Elena and Finn are alone in Elena's room and begin to kiss. A picture of Tracy falls off Elena's dresser and she is delighted to finally receive her "sign from God". She tells Finn that she has a boyfriend and hurries to find Tracy
  • Natalie returns to the Noel's apartment but doesn't speak to him. Noel tells her that they made a mistake in getting married, and Natalie starts to pack her bags. Noel continues to explain his reasoning, and Natalie decks him and leaves the apartment. 
  • Ben tells Felicity that his father asked them out to a baseball game. 
  • Noel wants to seek legal counsel and divorce advice after getting a black eye from Natalie and Elena suggests her new law-student friend, Finn
  • Natalie returns to the apartment while Noel is packing his bags to move into the guys' loft. Natalie seduces him into one last night together. 
  • Elena finds Finn in her bathroom the next morning... coming out of Julie's room. Finn leaves and Julie exchanges a good-bye kiss with him. Elena remarks "that's some buffer" and Julie rudely tells her she's not interested in getting attitude from Elena
  • Ben's father stands up Ben and Felicity for the baseball game. Ben is furious, he had promised himself that he would never again sit and wait for his father, and now it happened again. Felicity tells him that this time is different, because now he is not alone, he has Felicity

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