Episode 3: Hello, I Must Be Going

Ben's mother calls with disturbing news that he refuses to share with Felicity. She becomes even more upset when Ben opens up to ex-girlfriend Julie, who is struggling with family issues of her own.

  • Noel decides to claim impotence to annul his marriage.


  • Ben receives a disturbing call from his mother, but doesn't share the details with Felicity
  • Noe's annulment plans backfire when Natalie tells the judge that Noel isn't impotent, he's the best lover she's had. 
  • Ben breaks Sean's nose by accident playing basketball.
  • Ben confesses to Julie that his father is missing, and his mother asked him to file a missing person's report.
  • Felicity finds out about Ben's situation from Julie. She confronts Ben but he tells her he wants some space. 
  • Noel discovers that Natalie will inherit $250,000 from her relative on the condition that she is married. If Noel stays married to her for a year, he also receives $100,000. 
  • Sean becomes sensitive when he jokes about getting a nose job and Meghan seems too enthusiastic about the idea. A fight ensues.
  • Molly (the new Brit girl in the girls' apartment) tells Sean that her mother is psychic and told her she would find true love in New York. 
  • Ben tells Felicity that his father has disappeared before and he doesn't care anymore about his whereabouts or even his well-being. 
  • Natalie buys Noel RAM and tries to mend their marriage. He tells her that she still wants an annulment.  
  • Julie tells Ben that she filed a missing person's report for his father and that he is at a hospital with alcohol poisoning. She urges him to visit him. Ben and Felicity feel that she has overstepped her boundaries.
  • Julie confesses the truth about her birth father. She was a match for the transplant but chose not to help him. It was her fault that her father died.
  • Ben visits his father at the hospital. He sees him and starts to cry. 
  • Meghan reveals that she had a nose job when she was younger and apologizes to Sean about their fight. 
  • Noel tells the judge about Natalie's inheritance as another grounds for annulment. Natalie retorts by saying that she is donating the money to charity for the sake of love (she is surprisingly serious).
  • Noel and Natalie decide to make their relationship work, but Noel asks that they have an annulment so they can start from scratch. 
  • Julie leaves New York leaving nothing but a video tape. She says good bye to her friends and apologizes for being difficult. She tells them how she wanted to find her birth parents so badly, and how she only messed things up more. She feels that New York is not the place for her right now.  

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