Episode 4: Greeks and Geeks

Meghan takes a depressed Felicity to a frat party after the Goth girl argues with Sean  over her new phone-sex job.  Ben preps a nervous Javier for his citizenship test. 

  • Felicity feels guilt and remorse about Julie's sudden departure.
  • Molly and Meghan take her out to a frat party.


  • Felicity has many vodka shots, and ends up playing doubles strip ping pong. 
  • She awakens the next morning in bed half-naked with a frat guy. 
  • Noel practices retrieving data on crashed computers on Tracy's outdated PowerBook.
  • When the PowerBook trumps Noel's knowledge, Elena reveals that her chemistry midterm was on the hard drive -- and she has no backup!
  • Sean becomes increasingly annoyed that Meghan is using his phone to earn money as a phone-sex operator.
  • Ben tutors Javier for his citizenship test. 

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