Episode 5: Surprise

As Ben makes plans to celebrate her birthday, Felicity wrestles with the aftereffects of a wild night out. Meanwhile, Sean discovers a potentially serious medical problem when he goes to the doctor, but he won't take the appropriate test or tell Meghan. 


  • Felicity is concerned and mortified about her recent frat party experience that resulted in her getting drunk and waking up half-naked in a stranger's bed. 
  • Felicity debates whether or not to tell Ben.
  • At her 20th birthday party, her friends discover an incriminating almost-nude photo of Felicity sent out to every campus e-mail address. 
  • Ben is mad at Felicity for lying to him. 
  • Sean has a health issue that he doesn't want to share with Meghan, who senses that he is becoming more distant.
  • Molly becomes attracted to Richard.
  • Noel meets a gay man named Jason who has a picture of himself arm-in-arm with Richard. 

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