Episode 6: One Ball, Two Strikes

Noel tells Richard that he knows what his secret is, but he might not be as accurate as he thinks. Sean learns that his medical condition is more serious than he realized. Elsewhere, Felicity asks Randy to confirm her story to Ben that nothing happened between them, and Elena has an embarrassing encounter with Finn.


  • Ben refuses to speak to Felicity.
  • Felicity convinces Randy to tell Ben that nothing happened. 
  • Ben beats Randy up to the point he needs medical attention.
  • Later it is Ben who gets beat up by Randy and his friends.
  • Sean discovers that he has testicular cancer and must operate immediately. 
  • He hides his secret from everyone, until Meghan accidentally finds out. 
  • He makes it through his operation well.  
  • Noel meets Florida State transfer student, Jane Scott, on one of his computer service calls.
  • He is enraptured by her and intends to know her better (despite being still married to Natalie). 

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