Episode 7: Kissing Mr. Covington

Ben's father, who comes back to town seeking a reconciliation with his son, ends up kissing Felicity in a moment of emotional weakness. Elsewhere, Sean converts to Judaism after his operation; Tracy asks Elena to join him and Finn for a celebratory outing; and Noel reads Jane's private e-mail.


  • Ben has to go to the hospital after getting beat up by Randy and his fraternity friends.
  • Ben refuses to see his father, so Ben's dad confides in Felicity.
  • He ends up kissing Felicity! 
  • Noel secretly accesses and reads Jane's e-mail. 
  • He makes himself her "ideal man" as he models himself after her e-mail notes.
  • Sean survives his operation and vows to devote his life to God. 
  • As he learns more about Judaism, he begins to question his relationship with Wicca-practicing Meghan.
  • Elena wants to confess to Tracy that she's interested in Finn.
  • She ends up falling in love with Tracy again, but then Tracy finds out about her recent affair anyway. 

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