Episode 9: One Good Egg

Ben is concerned for Molly and Felicity's safety after Molly says that she is still struggling with her addiction. Elena is questioned about her affair with Professor McGrath by a school administrator. Elsewhere, Meghan tells Sean that her life has become boring and heads out to a nightclub. 


  • Molly reveals in her Al-Anon meetings she attends with Ben that her boyfriend James is using drugs and that she can't help joining him.
  • Ben offers to help Molly kick her drug habit, and she finally agrees to go into a rehab clinic.
  • Molly's progress is thwarted when James moves into the girls' apartment. 
  • Ben and Felicity accidentally find a gun that James left in the apartment. 
  • Ben tells Felicity about James' drug use and Molly is angry that Ben broke the trust of their meetings. 
  • Elena is asked to testify before the University concerning her freshman year affair with a professor.
  • Another female student reveals the professor's pattern of inappropriate relationships.
  • Tracy urges Elena to tell the truth, even if her good grades from the professor will come into question.
  • Meghan misses the wild times she had before her relationship with Sean. She tries unsuccessfully to convince him to party with her.
  • Sean realizes that Meghan has made strides to change for him, so he tries to be wilder - without much success.

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