Episode 21 - Felicity, Interrupted; Back to the Future

When Felicity tells Noel she traveled through time to be with him, he questions her sanity.





  • Felicity is crushed when she reveals to Noel that she traveled back in time to be with him, and he thinks she is losing her mind.
  • Noel interrupts Ben, who is making plans with Julie to drive cross-country.
  • Noel confides his worries with Felicity, and Ben agrees to talk to her.
  • To prove her claims, Felicity tells Ben to call his father because he is gravely ill with liver disease and is being helped by AA sponsor Lauren.
  • Ben still has his doubts and returns to Noel who tells him Felicity may be developing psychosis.
  • The guys convince Felicity to talk to a doctor about her problems.
  • The doctor agrees she may pose a danger to herself and they institutionalize her for observation.
  • While Felicity is in the hospital, Ben receives a call from Lauren.
  • Finally realizing Felicity is telling the truth, Ben helps bust her out of confinement.
  • Felicity tells him how he cheats on her in the future, and he promises that, knowing his mistakes in advance, he will ensure they don't happen.
  • The two decide to get back together, and are happily studying when they get a call from the police.
  • Just as it happened in the past, there was a fire in the university admistration building... but this time Noel died.
  • Felicity blames her return to the past for altering events and causing Noel's death.
  • Meghan finally tracks down Korsakoff, the author of the book of spells.
  • Felicity asks him to concoct a spell to return her life to normal.
  • He instructs her to bring him momentos of her college life and friends in order to create the spell.
  • As Felicity explains each item to Korsakoff, she recalls many memories of her four years at college.
  • Once Korsakoff has an idea about Felicity's friends, he builds an alter with her momentos and casts the spell, instructing Felicity that if it works, she will wake the next day in the future.
  • That night, Ben implores Felicity to forgive his transgressions in the future because he never wants to live without her.
  • Felicity suddenly remembers that in the future, Elena is killed in a car accident while attending Columbia University.
  • Before she goes to bed, Felicity tells Elena to attend Duke University.
  • The next morning, Felicity awakens back in the future on the day of Noel's wedding to Zoe.
  • Remembering Ben's words, she forgives him and they get back together.
  • At the wedding, Felicity is ecstatically surprised when Elena and Tracy walk in.
  • Thanks to Felicity's note, Elena attended Duke where she not only avoided the fated accident, but also rekindled her engagement to Tracy.

This is the series finale. :0)

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